Dunkin Donuts Creamer

Do you adore Dunkin’ Donuts creamer’s thick, creamy flavor? In that case, you are not alone! Many people all around the world love this common ☕coffee creamer. What exactly do you know about Dunkin’ Donuts creamer, though?😋

The nutritional facts, flavors, and usage instructions for Dunkin’ Donuts creamer will all be covered in this article. If you’re looking for something different or healthier than Dunkin’ Donuts creamer, we’ll also cover some choices.😋

Dunkin Donuts Creamer

Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer: A Guide to the Best Flavors, Nutrition, and More

Popular coffee creamer Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is renowned for its rich, creamy flavor. Extra Extra, Vanilla Extra Extra, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, &Pumpkin Spice are just a few of the taste options.

Additionally, there are numerous container choices for Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer, including liquid, powdered, &single-serve.

We shall examine Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer in more detail in this article. We will also offer a list of the most popular flavors of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer, health warnings, and Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer substitutes.

What is Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

A non – dairy coffee reamer prepared with Actual cream & sugar is called Dunkin Donuts Creamer.Water,skim milk,Potassium citrate, Dipotassium Phosphate, carrageenan, &natural flavor Are among the Additional ingredients used to make it.

  • Extra Extra: A rich and creamy flavor with a hint of sweetness.
  • Vanilla Extra Extra: A rich and creamy flavor with a hint of vanilla sweetness.
  • Hazelnut: A rich and creamy flavor with a hint of hazelnut sweetness.
  • French Vanilla: A rich and creamy flavor with a hint of French vanilla sweetness.
  • Pumpkin Spice: A rich and creamy flavor with a hint of pumpkin spice sweetness.

Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is also available in a variety of packaging options, including:

  • Liquid: Available in 32-ounce and 64-ounce containers.
  • Powdered: Available in 10.5-ounce and 21-ounce containers.
  • Single-serve: Available in 0.25-ounce packets and 0.75-ounce cups.

How to Use Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer

You can use Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer in a variety of ways. The most typical use for it is as a coffee creamer. Simply add the proper amount of creamer to your coffee and whisk to include Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer.

Tea, hot chocolate, &smoothies are among the beverages that can use Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer. Additionally, it can be utilized in pastries and baking.

How to Make Dunkin’ Donuts Creamed Coffee at Home

Simply mix equal parts coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer in a mug to make Dunkin’ Donuts creamed coffee at home. If you’d like, you can also add ice to your creamed coffee.

Popular Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer Flavors

  • Extra Extra
  • Vanilla Extra Extra
  • Hazelnut
  • French Vanilla
  • Pumpkin Spice

Health Considerations for Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer

Creamer from Dunkin’ Donuts contains a lot of sugar and calories. Additionally, it contains a lot of saturated fat. Limiting the consumption of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is advised for those who are trying to lose weight or control their blood sugar levels.

Likewise, the Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer has artificial components. For health reasons, some people might choose to stay away from artificial additives.

Alternatives to Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer

  • Almond milk creamer and coconut milk creamer are two examples of dairy-free creamers.
  • non-sugar creamers
  • homemade coffee creamers like heavy cream and half-and-half

History of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer

In the 1960s, Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer was initially made available. It was initially only offered in a few flavors, but the Company has subsequently increased the umber of flavors Available in its portfolio.

One of the most widely used coffee creamers in the US today is Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer. It is offered at grocery shops, Dunkin’ Donuts locations, &other merchants.

The Dunkin’ Donuts Legacy

For many years, the brand Dunkin’ Donuts has been associated with delicious sweets &high -quality Coffee. Since its founding in 1950, Dunkin’ Donuts has made numerous adjustments to accommodate customers’ changing preferences for coffee.

Why Choose Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

Unparalleled Quality:

Unwavering excellence is a hallmark of Dunkin’ Donuts. The creamer they use is also produced with top-quality ingredients to guarantee dependably excellent coffee.

Versatile Options:

You can vary your everyday coffee habit thanks to the diversity of flavors available. This adaptability makes sure that your coffee stays lively and personalized to your tastes.


Say goodbye to the bother of making a morning coffee stop. You can enjoy your favorite café flavors at home with Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer.


Purchasing Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is a delight for both your taste buds and your bank account. It’s an affordable way to enjoy excellent coffee without going overboard with expenses.

Dunkin Donuts Creamer Nutrition

Dunkin Donuts Creamer Nutrition
NutrientAmount per 2 Tablespoons% Daily Value
Saturated fat4g20%
Vitamin A100IU20%

How to Make the Perfect Cup

Brew Your Coffee:

Start with your preferred coffee grinds or beans. Depending on your liking, brew a potent cup of coffee that is fragrant.

Add Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer:

Add your preferred flavor of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer after your coffee is ready. Start with a tiny quantity and titrate to your preference.

Stir Well:

Make sure the creamer and coffee are thoroughly incorporated by giving your coffee a little stir. A rounded and consistent flavor character is produced as a result.


Coffee should be sipped gently to fully appreciate the flavorful fusion. Every taste of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is a delight.

Dunkin’ Donuts Hours

Dunkin' Donuts Hours
Sunday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Monday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday5:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Dunkin’ Donuts Contact Information

Corporate Office Address Dunkin’ Donuts : 130 Royall St. Canton, MA 02021

Dunkin’ Donuts Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-859-5339

Important Links

Official Websitedunkinathome.com

Social Media Handles

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DunkinDonuts/

Instagram: instagram.com/dunkin

Twitter: twitter.com/dunkindonuts

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/dunkin-donuts/about

FAQs About Dunkin Donuts Creamer

Dunkin Donuts Creamer

What is Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

A non -dairy coffee creamer prepared with actual cream &sugar is called Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer. Water, skim milk, potassium citrate, dipotassium phosphate, carrageenan, and natural flavor are among the additional ingredients used to make it.

How is Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer made?

Skim milk, cream, sugar, &other ingredients are combined to create Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer. A smooth &creamy texture is produced by heating &homogenizing the mixture.

Is Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer shelf-stable?

Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer can be stored for a long time. It can be kept in your pantry for up to a year at room temperature.

How long does Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer last after opening?

Once opened, Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer should be refrigerated &used within 7 days.

Can I freeze Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

Yes, you can freeze Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer. However, it may change the texture and flavor of the creamer.

What are the nutritional benefits of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is a good source of calcium and vitamin A. It is also a good source of protein, but it is also high in calories and sugar.

What are the drawbacks of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is high in calories and sugar. It is also a good source of saturated fat and artificial ingredients.

What is the best way to use Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

The most typical application for Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer is as a coffee creamer. Simply add the proper amount of creamer to your coffee and whisk to include Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer.Tea, hot chocolate, and smoothies are among the beverages that can use Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer. Additionally, it can be utilized in pastries and baking.

What is the best flavor of Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer?

That depends on your preferences! Others favor one of the more seasonally appropriate tastes, such Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint Mocha, while some folks adore the traditional Extra Extra flavor.


We appreciate you reading our post on Dunkin’ Donuts Creamer. I sincerely hope the details were useful. Please do not hesitate to leave a remark below if you have any additional queries.

You can easily and deliciously add creaminess and sweetness to your coffee with Dunkin’ Donuts creamer, whether you prefer the traditional Extra Extra creamer or one of the more seasonally available variants.

Just remember to consume it sparingly because it is high in calories and sugar. But it never hurts to indulge once in a while!


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