Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu

Hungry for a delicious breakfast? Look no further than Dunkin Donuts! 🥯 Our breakfast menu has something for everyone, from classic favorites like the Egg & Cheese Wake-Up Sandwich to new and innovative options like the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissantwich.

🥐 And with prices starting at just $2.99, you can’t beat the value. 🤑

Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu

 1.Cheese Danish

Cheese Danish

An example of a pastry is a cheese danish, which is produced with yeast-leavened dough, a sweet cheese filling, and baking. Typically, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and vanilla essence are used to make the cheese filling.

To make a flaky pastry, the dough is flattened out and folded multiple times. After that, the cheese danish is cooked until the cheese is melted and gooey and the dough is golden brown.

In many nations, cheese danishes are a common breakfast item. They can also be eaten as a snack or dessert. They frequently have powdered sugar or a glaze on top.

The origins of the cheese danish are a little hazy.  while others think it came from Denmark. In a Danish cookbook from 1844, a cheese danish recipe was first made public. However, it wasn’t until the early 20th century that the pastry gained popularity in Denmark.

2. Oatmeal

Dunkin Donuts Oatmeal

Oatmeal is what you want when you don’t feel like ordering a sweet sandwich or want something that will keep you satisfied for longer while also being easier.

Whole-grain oatmeal from Dunkin’ Donuts with dried cranberries, raisins, and golden raisins on top is a cozy and simple morning option. You can choose between plain oatmeal and oatmeal that has a flavor combination of maple and brown sugar.

With only 300 calories per serving, it is definitely the healthiest and best choice for anyone searching for the most nourishing options to fuel up for the day—whether they are on a low-calorie diet or not.

3. Wake Up Wrap

Wake Up Wrap

There are many delicious selections available for the Wake Up Wrap at Dunkin’ Donuts, so you can sample far more than simply common breakfast components.

The so-called Dunkin’ Donuts “Southwest Veggie” wrap is available as a vegetarian option with sweet black pepper bacon, turkey and sausage, or the standard sausage and egg combo.

As you can see, it can turn into the ideal dinner for low-calorie diets and vegans. It’s a terrific choice for grabbing a fast snack when you’re on the run.

The best part about Dunkin’ Donuts is how regularly their menus update to include some delectable seasonal wraps and other delectable substitutes.

4.Maple Sugar Breakfast Sandwich

Maple Sugar Breakfast Sandwich

Despite the fact that the majority of people are accustomed to eating savory sandwiches, if you’ve ever had a sweet sandwich, you know it’s impossible to never eat one again.

For this reason, Dunkin’ Donuts has expanded its menu to include the Maple Sugar Breakfast Sandwich. It is a scrumptious sweet treat for individuals who want something more substantial than a typical muffin or donut. It is sweet, satisfying, and delicious.

This Dunkin’ Donuts sandwich is made with cheese, an egg, and maple sugar bacon as its main ingredients.

This sandwich is a great breakfast choice for a morning when your protein needs are still high but your sweet cravings have reached new heights because it contains all of these ingredients inside of a croissant.

5. Donut


If you’re craving something sweet, treat yourself to a renowned doughnut, a staple of the Dunkin’ Donuts menu.

The absence of artificial colorings in DD donuts is one of their benefits. Another fantastic thing about these donuts is that you can purchase a box of at least six of them to enjoy them later at home or as a treat for your coworkers.

Donuts from the company come in a range of tastes, and there are also other seasonal and unique items available.

You can discover some unique doughnut tastes to go with your frightening party or romantic supper during Halloween and Valentine’s Day.



Muffins are the perfect remedy for your problem if you have a sweet tooth and are bored of having donuts for breakfast.

We are aware that it seems a little paradoxical that a restaurant with the word “donuts” in its name wouldn’t serve them. However, loyal Dunkin’ Donuts consumers are aware that this shop offers more than just donuts.

You might prefer something more cake-like to go with your daily coffee, especially in the early morning hours.

A standard and a reduced-fat blueberry muffin, a muffin with chocolate chips, a muffin with honey, wheat brans, and raisins, a muffin with corn, and a coffee cake muffin are the six options available.

7.Bagel With Cream Cheese

Bagel With Cream Cheese Dunkin Donuts

If you enjoy bagels, you are aware that a bagel stuffed with your preferred components makes the best possible breakfast.

You might not be aware, though, that Dunkin’ Donuts offers five different types of cream cheese, including two with chive and two with onion, as well as reduced-fat, strawberry, and vegetable-infused.

You can request whatever bagel you like while ordering one. Additionally, given that there are five working days in a week, why not try a new one each day?

8. Big N Toasted

Big N Toasted

The Big N Toasted sandwich is an additional choice for people accustomed to eating a substantial breakfast. Given that it can be as enjoyable and satiating, it is the largest rival to the Angus steak and egg sandwich for many people.

The outcome is as amazing as you can expect it to be when cherrywood smoked bacon, melted cheese, and eggs are combined in toasted bread.

This sandwich is the best option if you have a long travel ahead of you and want to have some breakfast to go to enjoy on the way.

The huge N Toasted is a huge, toasted breakfast that feels homemade since every bite feels like a hug to your soul and is packed with protein and flavor.

9. Power Breakfast Sandwich

Power Breakfast Sandwich

Dunkin’ Donuts has created some of the healthiest Breakfast options you Can find in large companies like them by emphasizing nutrition as Much as they focus on taste.

One of them is the Power Breakfast sandwich, which may be Consumed by a variety of people and Homes and meets a range of Nutritional needs and goals.

If you’re watching what you eat and want to consume More protein and energy While consuming fewer Calories, the Dunkin’ Donuts Power Breakfast sandwich is a great option.

10. Grilled Cheese Melt

Grilled Cheese Melt

The Grilled Cheese Melt is the only option for cheese aficionados. We’re talking about cheesy bliss between two slices of bread: cheese on top of cheese, on top of more cheese.

You are aware that getting toasted bread with some melted cheese inside is far preferable to making it yourself when it comes to comfort food on a chilly winter day.

The toasties at Dunkin’ Donuts are by far the best since there is something special about the food there. To conserve space (and calories) for that donut later, have it with a coffee or an americano.

11.  Chicken Croissant Sandwich

Chicken Croissant Sandwich

The juicy chicken in the Chicken Croissant Sandwich is accompanied by bacon and cheese and is served on a croissant bread. Even if you don’t like biscuits, you can’t turn down a croissant!

You should add this Dunkin’ Donuts sandwich to your list of possible breakfast items. You can eat it with your coffee or on its own before treating yourself to a sweet beverage. It’s simple to prepare and quite tasty.

12. Chicken Biscuit Sandwich

Chicken Biscuit Sandwich

A excellent chicken sandwich might be a healthier alternative to a sausage or bacon sandwich for breakfast. The Dunkin’ Donuts Chicken Biscuit Sandwich is a game-changer

Butter-fried chicken and the chain’s famous Buttermilk Biscuit combine to make an irresistible dish.

The Southern-style chicken is sandwiched between two biscuits and is tender and juicy on the inside and delightfully crispy on the outside

Even on their own, the biscuits taste fantastic because they are always freshly prepared. But for those who enjoy including chicken in every meal, this menu item is a great alternative for breakfast because it contains chicken.

13. Veggie Egg White Omelette

Veggie Egg White Omelette

While many people enjoy adding bacon or sausage to their omelettes, vegetarians and those who prefer to avoid meat at all costs will adore this Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast item (for more mouthwatering vegetarian breakfast ideas, check this).

Fresh ingredients are sautéed and combined to make this Veggie Egg White Omelette, which is a protein-rich breakfast dish.

It includes peppers, onions, spinach, and egg whites, which are the only source of pure protein in the dish. It is the greatest choice for gym-goers on a tight diet because it is delicious, nutritious, and served on brown, multigrain bread.

14. Angus Steak And Egg Sandwich

Angus Steak And Egg Sandwich

On this list and on theDunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu, this sandwich is regarded as the best and most distinctive option.

It may sound brilliant to some people, but to others, it may just be their go-to takeout breakfast. Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: Everyone adores it.

This egg, cheese, and Angus steak sandwich is offered on a bagel and can be consumed alone or with a cup of coffee in the morning. Of course, you can always reserve some for later if you feel like there is too much for you to eat at once.

15.Egg And Cheese Sandwich

Egg And Cheese Sandwich

Another excellent choice is the wholesome Dunkin’ Donuts egg and cheese sandwich. This is the sandwich you choose if you want something savory but would rather maintain the greenery.

Additionally, omitting the sausage totally can make this dish far superior than the previous one because many people dislike the concept of a sausage in a sandwich.

There is nothing better than a straightforward, cheese, and eggy breakfast sandwich, despite how straightforward it may sound. Again, you can have an English muffin, a bagel, a croissant, etc. with an egg and cheese inside the bread.

16.Sausage, Egg, And Cheese Sandwich

Sausage, Egg, And Cheese Sandwich

The sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich is what you should try if the full English breakfast dish seemed more like the size and number of items you need in a breakfast dish.

Anyone who likes a filling breakfast will like this sandwich. This sandwich is unique since it is created using a croissant that has been stuffed with all of these components.

If you’d like, you can always swap it out for some toasted bread, a bagel, or an English muffin.

17. Turkey, Bacon, And Cheddar Flatbread

Turkey, Bacon, And Cheddar Flatbread

This flatbread sandwich is the cure for yesterday’s hangover or the ideal breakfast to grab before you head to the workplace. It is simultaneously juicy, crunchy and cheesy.

This sandwich has 410 calories and is heavy in sodium and fat (about a third of the daily recommended amount), but it is still a tasty treat that we all occasionally deserve.

18. Hash Browns

Hash Browns

Hash browns are a classic food, so you’ve undoubtedly tasted them before. The English breakfast, a plate that contains eggs, haggis, bacon, sausages, and other delicacies, is a popular breakfast option in the UK.

To make these hash browns work, though, it’s not necessary for the breakfast to be very substantial or complicated.

Whether ordered by themselves or in combination with another dish from the menu, the Dunkin’ Donuts crispy-fried potatoes are wonderfully delicious and filling.

Dunkin’ Donuts Hours

Sunday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Monday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday5:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday5:00 AM – 11:00 PM

FAQs – Dunkin’ Donuts Breakfast Menu


What is Dunkin’ Donuts’ most popular product?

Coffee is Dunkin’ Donuts’ best-selling item. In fact, Dunkin’ Donuts sells more than 1.5 billion cups of coffee annually, making it the largest coffee chain in the world.

Why is it called Dunkin’ Donuts?

The concept of dipping doughnuts into coffee served as the inspiration for the name “Dunkin’ Donuts”. Two years after the corporation was established, in 1950, the name was formally accepted.

How many Dunkin’ Donuts locations are there in the world?

There are more than 12,900 Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu shops worldwide, the majority of which are found in the US. Also widely known in China, Mexico, and Canada are Dunkin’ Donuts.

What are some of the most popular donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts?

The glazed donut, the Boston cream donut, and the chocolate frosted donut are some of Dunkin’ Donuts’ most well-liked pastries. The Oreo donut and the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup doughnut are just a couple of the gourmet donuts that Dunkin’ Donuts sells.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts have breakfast sandwiches?

Yes, breakfast sandwiches are available at Dunkin’ Donuts. The ham, egg, and cheese on a roll, the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel, and the sausage, egg, and cheese croissant are some of Dunkin’ Donuts’ most well-liked breakfast sandwiches.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts have coffee drinks other than coffee?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide range of coffee beverages in addition to coffee. Hot chocolate, iced coffee, and lattes are some of Dunkin’ Donuts’ most well-liked coffee beverages.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts have other food items besides donuts and breakfast sandwiches?

Yes, besides donuts and breakfast sandwiches, Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide range of other foods. Bagels, muffins, and croissants are a few of Dunkin’ Donuts’ best-selling baked goods.

Does Dunkin’ Donuts have delivery?

Yes, a number of third-party delivery options are available from Dunkin’ Donuts for delivery.

How can I get a free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts?

At Dunkin’ Donuts, there are a few different ways to score a free donut. One approach is to enroll in the DD Perks loyalty program from Dunkin’ Donuts.

What is Dunkin’ Donuts’ slogan?

The catchphrase of Dunkin’ Donuts is “America Runs on Dunkin’.” This catchphrase was first used in 2014 to emphasize the company’s position as the biggest coffee chain in the country.


To Sate your morning Appetites, Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Menu  Offers a variety of breakfast selections. You’re likely to discover Something you like, whether Youre in the mood for a Tasty breakfast sandwich or a sweet treat.

Make cautious Choices because Some menu Items may be heavy in calories and fat. The breakfast menu at Dunkin’ Donuts is a solid Choice for a quick and practical Breakfast.


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