Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee

The ideal method to cool yourself on a hot day or to enjoy your preferred coffee 🍷drink in a novel way is with Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee.

The tasty and energizing frozen beverage Dunkin’ 🥯Donuts Frozen Coffee is made with the company’s renowned Original Blend coffee, ice, and cream.

It can also be tailored to your preferences. To make the ideal Frozen Coffee for you, select from a selection of flavor swirls and shots, as well as several milk options.

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee

The tasty and cooling Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee is produced with the company’s renowned Original Blend ☕coffee, ice, and dairy. Additionally, it can be customized by selecting from a selection of flavor swirls, shots, and milks.

The ideal method to cool yourself on a hot day or to enjoy your preferred ☕coffee drink in a novel way is with Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee.

Homemade Frozen Coffee Recipe

It will have a stronger flavor if you prepare it this way by freezing the real main ingredient. Consider this. If you combine the components with plain water ice cubes, a lot of flavorless liquid will be added to the mixture, diluting your drink and changing its flavor from what you are accustomed to. THIS is how you reproduce it in a manner that is nearly identical.

The same truly holds true for various beverages, such as frozen hot chocolate. That one doesn’t involve brewing, but if you create or buy a gallon of chocolate milk, freeze it into trays.

Then combine it with heavy cream or another milk product, you can produce something that your kids will enjoy making with you.

  • Make a pot or cup of coffee (8 to 10 ounces per serving).
  • Coffee should be poured into ice cube trays and frozen for many hours or until solid.
  • Coffee cubes should be removed from the ice cube tray and put in a blender with milk and honey (or any chosen sweetener).
  • Blend until the mixture is uniformly smooth.
  • If desired, add whipped cream, cool whip, coffee frosting, and/or chocolate shavings to the iced coffee before pouring it into a cup.

With these methods, you may add a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup to make it more resemble a mocha. For a fun variation, use the same whipped topping as in our 3-Ingredient Dalgona Whipped Coffee.

Feel free to experiment with different adjustments, such as caramel sauce, to determine which you like.

Skinny Frozen Coffee

Skinny Frozen Coffee

Make this recipe with less calories in mind? Use fat-free milk or vanilla almond milk in its place. I will say that the mixture will be less creamy overall if you add less fat to make it blend together. Creamy = fat. This dairy-free frozen coffee, which my husband requires, is simple to make and tastes identical.

You can either use lactose-free cow’s milk or lactose-free cashew, almond, or coconut milk in it for best results. There are a number of substitutes for the other 2 items as well.

Let’s spend a moment discussing various sweeteners. Alternatives to honey if you’re allergic to it or don’t like it include;

How to Sweeten Frozen Coffee

  • Rich, distinctive flavor of maple syrup complements both sweet and savory foods. In the majority of recipes, it can be used in place of honey.
  • A mild tasting sweetener is agave nectar. You might need to use less of it in recipes because it is sweeter than honey.
  • It is essentially liquid sugar. If you’d prefer, it’s also available in Sweet n Low sugar-free forms, similar to a thick liquid.
  • Molasses may give baked foods, sauces, and marinades a richer, fuller flavor.
  • Natural sweetener with a flavor reminiscent of caramel is coconut nectar. In vegan dishes, it is frequently used as a honey alternative.
  • The flavor of date syrup is rich and sweet. Most recipes allow for a 1:1 substitution of it for honey.
  • Rice has been fermented and filtered to create brown rice syrup. Compared to honey, it has a softer sweetness and
  • can be used to bake with and sweeten beverages.
  • Apples are used to make Bee Free Honee, a plant-based honey substitute. It can be used in comparable ways and resembles the taste and mouthfeel.

It’s crucial to remember that while these substitutes can offer sweetness, they might not taste exactly like the original ingredient or have the same consistency. On the basis of your own taste preferences and the particular recipe you are using, it is a good idea to experiment and alter the quantities.

How to Make Frozen Coffee

  1. The more desirable and higher-quality variety of coffee beans is Arabica. They have a more complex flavor profile with overtones of flowers and flavors of citrus, berries, and chocolate.
  2. In comparison to Arabica beans, Robusta coffee beans are distinguished by their higher levels of caffeine and stronger, more bitter flavor. Because of their flavorful and robust bodies, they are frequently utilized in blends, instant coffee, and espresso.
  3. Less common and making up a minor percentage of the market for coffee are liberica beans. They have a distinctive flavor with hints of flowery and smokiness that is almost delicious. The Philippines is where they are primarily farmed.
  4. Liberica beans are currently regarded as belonging to the Excelsa bean family. With a roasted, nutty flavor that is tangy and delicious with undertones of black fruit. Usually, they go into coffee mixes.

Additional flavor profile variations within each category may exist depending on elements like the particular growing region, altitude, soil characteristics, and processing techniques. Choose lighter if you’re adding flavors in the Fall to make something like our homemade pumpkin frappuccino style drink, or darker if you want it “plain”.

3 Ingredient Frozen Coffee

Okay, now the major question is what to pair with your own coffee drink ideas. Sometimes, this is all I desire. Making the cubes the night before will enable me to swiftly blend, grab, and leave when I wake up.

If I’m preparing a bunch of them for us on the weekends, I might bake something to serve with it or just buy muffins from the store.

The most well-liked combination is probably with our cake mix cherry coffee cake. Although you can use any can of fruit filling, this one is consistently preferred here.

Why you will love this Frozen Coffee

Taste: This frozen beverage is jam-packed with sweet coffee taste thanks to the cold brew coffee and coffee ice cubes! You can personalize it to your preferences by adding your own flavored syrup, just as with every coffee order!

Texture: This frozen beverage has a consistency that is somewhere between a slushy and a Frappuccino. The heavy cream and cool whip make it smooth and creamy, while the crushed ice cubes give it a faintly slushy texture. 

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee Nutrition

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee
NutrientAmount% Daily Value*
Total Fat17g26%
Saturated Fat13g65%
Trans Fat0g0%
Total Carbohydrates172g57%
Dietary Fiber2g8%
Total Sugars172g344%
Added Sugars165g330%

Frozen Coffee Recipe substitutions and variations

Can I Use Regular Ice Cubes Instead Of Coffee Cubes?

That’s fine, I agree. As they melt as you are drinking it, it can merely dilute the flavor.

What Kind Of Flavor Syrups Can I Use In This Frozen Coffee?

whatever suits your palate! French vanilla, caramel, hazelnuts, and vanilla are a few delectable alternatives.

What Creamer Should I Use?

You may keep it straightforward by using only heavy cream, or you can use your preferred coffee creamer to give an additional layer of sweetness and flavor.


  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Chocolate almond milk + mint extract
  • Butter Rum: Cashew milk + rum extract
  • Very Vanilla: Vanilla almond milk + vanilla extract
  • Coconut: Coconut soy milk + vanilla extract

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Dunkin’ Donuts Contact Information

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FAQs About Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee

FAQs About Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee

Can I make Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee at home?

Using ice, coffee, and milk in a blender, you can make Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee at home. To taste, you can also add flavored toppings or syrups.

What are some tips for choosing a Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee?

Choose the original flavor if you want a blast of caffeine. Try one of the flavored swirls if you want a sweeter option. You can pick a smaller serving or choose skim milk if you are managing your calorie intake.

What are some of the benefits of drinking Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee?

Yes, you can alter the size, flavor, and milk type of your Dunkin’ Donuts frozen coffee. Additional espresso, whipped cream, or flavoring syrups are additional options.

Can I customize my Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee?

On a hot day, Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee is best drunk using a straw. For a richer dessert, you can also add a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream.

What is the best way to drink Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee?

On a hot day, Dunkin Donuts Frozen Coffee is a tasty and refreshing way to cool off. Additionally, it contains a lot of caffeine, which can keep you up and energized.

How do I store Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee?

Dunkin’ Donuts advises against putting its coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. Baking soda and coffee both have the ability to absorb moisture and smells. Additionally, avoiding exposure to light is preferable for coffee. To ensure the best flavor and freshness, Dunkin’ suggests keeping your coffee in an airtight, opaque container in a cool, dark location.

What is Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee made of?

For a rich, sweet, and creamy beverage, Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee is produced with a proprietary extract made from 100% Arabica coffee and combined with ice and dairy.

How much caffeine is in Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee?

The amount of caffeine in a medium Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee is 295 mg. A cup of brewed coffee generally has roughly 210 mg of caffeine, but this has more than that.


On a hot day, Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee is a tasty and cooling beverage. It has a rich, sweet, and creamy flavor and is created with only 100% Arabica coffee, ice, and dairy.

There are many varieties available at Dunkin’ Donuts, including the original, caramel, vanilla, mocha, hazelnut, white chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Additionally, you may add flavored syrups, whipped cream, and toppings to your frozen coffee to make it more unique.

Although Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Coffee is a delectable treat, it’s vital to remember that it contains a lot of calories and sugar. There are 720 calories and 172 grams of sugar in a medium frozen coffee. Compared to some fast food meals, this has more calories and sugar.


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